What does the term "wefted" mean?

Wefted bundle hair aka "hair on the track" is used for bonding and weaving services. It is sewn into a "track" ready for the hair weaving or bonding process.

Why wear Vitae Hair Extensions?

· To add length

· To add volume

· Custom Color placements

· Creative placements

· To experiment with various looks and textures
· Change of style, color, or length without compromising the health of your own hair

· If you are experiencing hair thinning, alopecia, or total baldness Vitae Hair extensions are a great option for you. Because Vitae Hair is 100% Human Hair and durable for extended wear, it is used to make long-lasting wigs and hairpieces

How much hair do I need?

* For Traditional sew-in installations- 2 wefted bundles (2 packages); more for fuller look

* For Vixen sew-in installations- 3 wefted bundles (3 packages) and up

What are acceptable forms of payment?

The following forms of payment are accepted:  

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express

Please allow 1-8 days for delivery after receiving your order.

**** We use environmentally safe, certified 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and phthalates.


How do I maintain my Hair Extensions?

A) Keep the hair clean. Shampoo the hair with a mild shampoo at least once every 3 weeks with lukewarm water. It should be shampooed immediately after swimming if hair comes in contact with chlorinated water. 

B) Rinse the hair completely with cool water and towel-dry. You may either blow-dry it or let it dry under a hooded dryer with medium heat.

C) Be sure to brush the hair daily & periodically apply a light leave-in conditioner to maintain moisture. Too much leave-in conditioner will create a build-up on the hair & cause it to weight down.

D) When swimming, always wear a swim cap to prevent prolong exposure to chlorine or salt water with will cause the hair to tangle. 

E) Detangle the hair and make a couple of big braids when going to sleep, swim, or exercise. NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR. Make sure the hair is completely dry before going to bed.

Why did my Vitae grey or platinum hair turn yellow?

As with grey hair on a human's head, Vitae grey or platinum hair may turn yellowish if  it is in close proximity to cigarette smoke, or if excessive heat or chemical such as a chemical relaxer is applied. 

My Vitae Beach Wet & Wavy, and my Vitae Body Wave hair does not look as long as specified on the package. Why?
Specified length is AFTER the curl or wave is pulled out.

Can I brush the hair?

Absolutely. Vitae Hair is 100% Human, You can handle it as gently as you would your own.

Can I color, perm, or relax Vitae Hair Extensions?

Vitae VIRGIN unprocessed Human Hair and Vitae RUSSIAN Human Hair are suitable for chemical processing.

I noticed a change in your packaging; Why?

Vitae Hair has gone green. Our eco-friendly practices help support a sustainable world and a healthier planet. We only use high-quality, non-intrusive, environmentally-friendly packaging to help preserve our planet. 

I need to make a change to my order. What should I do?

Once an order is placed, changes cannot be made. If you need to add, that order will be sent out separately.

My order delivery was delayed.

We cannot offer a guarantee on delayed packages due to weather or natural causes.

Do you require signature for shipped packages?

We require an adult signature on all orders over $1,000.00. 

What if a shipped package is returned unclaimed, refused or undeliverable?

We do not re-ship unclaimed, undeliverable or refused orders. If you would still like the products, you are welcome to place a new order with a valid address.  Customers are liable for a returned postage charge if package is returned unclaimed.

What is your Return/Exchange Policy?

Due to health and hygiene concerns, and to maintain the premium quality of hair and wigs for all of our customers exchanges or returns on hair cannot be accepted. 

What is your Privacy Policy?

All personal information provided to Vitae Hair is kept in the strictest of confidence and will NOT be shared. Your personal information is only used for the sole purpose of taking and fulfilling your order.